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Construction & Design

It’s a complex process to design a space and then carry it out as intended. Our partners are interior design and construction professionals who collaborate directly with our customers to create exceptional spaces that reflect their vision and ideas. The team is made up of highly competent and talented designers, engineers, and an excellent construction team who help the client’s vision come true. Our team specializes in creating distinctive and cutting-edge spaces that are functional, durable, and aesthetically beautiful.



  1. visualizing and sketching design plans as per client goals
  2. Outline client design objectives.
  3. Conceptualize and sketch design plans including
      • Create ‘mood boards’ to sample your design vision
      • Basic floor plans
      • Working drawings
      • Elevations
      • 3D models
      • 3D renders

  1. Get verification for the design from the concerned authorities
  2. Determine the cost of completion and project requirements in the budgeting phase.
  3. Supervising the construction process
      • Management of the site
      • Source materials and products included in plans.
      • Engaging the vendors for the project
      • Management of finances
      • Quality management of materials
      • Following the construction standards

  1. Inspect design after completion to determine whether client goals have been met.



Ibis team will design a space that is functional yet elegant, highly innovative, consistent, creative, unique, and fresh.

Project management

Planning, executing, monitoring, and finishing of the project.


Planning, financing, design, laying the foundation, building the structure,MEP, Insulation & waterproofing, procurement of all the materials


Completing the construction project

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It may take more than 4 working days depending volume of your project